Op Ed – CnN 0.7 Month Anniversary

I just started in on Utawarerumono, I have to say that I’m already liking Eruruu’s tail thing. What is that? It looks like touching her tail really sets her off. Very funny.

Graphs! . . .

Okay, July 9th is going to my my blogs 1 mouth anniversary. Blogger has givening me a few visits from the nav bar and google searches, specifically for “killer lolis,” have gained me about 20 visits. Still, my little blog doesn’t get much traffic.

I am not surprised that the majority of my visitor have been American and from the UK.

However I’m saddened. India, Japan, Korea, China, and Brazil…I’m getting a little upset here. Come’on guys I go to college with a bunch of your countrymen I though you and me were tight.

Venezuela, nothing but love.

France, I’ve never held any hard feelings.

Canada, I’ve been meaning to visit for a long time.

Singapore, I love you but you never call.

Germany, well…lets let bygones be bygones K….

Australia, wuz up….

I don’t have anything planned for my 1 month anniversary, maybe I’ll think something up. One more thing, where the hell is Mexico…damnit! it’s “VALDEZ.” I know I’m American but dang, not even a little love from the south.

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